Saturday, January 17, 2009

Semantic Web training seminars

I asked Marco Neumann of the New York Semantic Web Meetup to suggest a path for learning about the Semantic Web. He has suggested several training seminars:

  • TopQuadrant (with Jim Hendler): Getting Ready for the Semantic Web with TopBraid Suite. Price: $1,795.
  • Stanford Protege team: Protege-OWL Short Course - provides an introduction to ontology development in OWL, both from a theoretical standpoint and from a practical standpoint through hands-on use of the Protege platform. The course also emphasizes how to use OWL ontologies, and other semantic technologies like SWRL, to build semantic applications with examples from real-world use cases. Price: $1,500.
  • Wilshire Conferences: Designing and Building Business Ontologies led by Dave McComb and Simon Robe - An Intensive 4-DAY SEMINAR with Workshops and Demonstrations, on Semantically Enabling the Enterprise - An ontology is a formal description of the meaning of the information stored in a system. It resembles a conceptual model, but goes much beyond a conceptual model in that the formal definitions allow the system to infer class membership based on properties. Additionally, inference engines, running on ontologies, allow users to extract and integrate information stored in distributed systems.
    This workshop, which will contain a number of live demos, will cover practical issues in employing ontologies. Price: $2,495.

-- Jack Krupansky


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