Monday, June 8, 2009

Concepts related to time

Granted, physicists have a very specialized conception of time, but I wanted to ponder the various roles that time plays in our own lives. Later it would be interesting to see how the physicists would weigh in on these social conceptions.

Some terms and concepts related to time in our lives:

  • Clocks - time within a day
  • Calendars - time across days, weeks, months, seasons, years
  • Measurement of time
  • Timekeeping device
  • Beginning
  • Ending
  • Expiration
  • Time remaining
  • Duration
  • Interval
  • Window of time to constrain activity
  • Time's up
  • Era
  • Eon
  • Period
  • Period of a cluster of related events
  • Period of shared values or common social characteristics
  • History
  • The past
  • The future
  • The here and now
  • Right now
  • Present 
  • Sometime
  • Sometimes
  • At times
  • All the time
  • All of time
  • Same time
  • Waiting
  • Scheduling
  • Periodic
  • Intervals
  • Continuity, continuous
  • Continual
  • Order of events
  • Before
  • After
  • Little time left
  • Synchronization
  • Recording, logging
  • Distance
  • Age
  • Too short to notice
  • Too long to notice
  • Too short to measure
  • Too long to measure
  • Next
  • Previous
  • Dependency on time
  • Addiction to time
  • Clock watching
  • Value of time
  • Monetary value of time
  • Relative value of time (personal)
  • Loss of time
  • Gaining time
  • Passage of time
  • Time is your friend
  • Time is your enemy
  • Process
  • Timing
  • Occasional
  • Special days
  • Season
  • Alignment with physical phenomena
  • Elapse of physical processes (incl. chemical, biological, and geological)
  • Forecast, prediction
  • Estimate
  • Time in fiction: time travel, time warps
  • Time in physics
  • Time as a dimension, a coordinate
  • Mental dissipation
  • Decay
  • Entropy
  • Birth
  • Growth
  • Aging
  • Death
  • Frequency
  • When
  • Impact of time
  • Wasting time
  • Saving time
  • Time delay
  • Time sharing
  • Cycles
  • Repetitions
  • Unit of time
  • Representation of time
  • Telling time
  • Communication of time
  • Timeless
  • Structure of music
  • Local time vs. universal time
  • Time zones
  • Daylight savings time
  • Father Time
  • Fatalism
  • Position in time
  • Moment
  • Verb tenses (past, present, future)
  • Passage of time
  • Passes time
  • Simultaneous
  • Instantaneous
  • Time composed of moments
  • Timeline

Some questions:

  1. Does space-time ever manifest itself in our daily lives, or do we always experience time and space as distinct dimensions?
  2. Can we define a complete ontology for time that does not depend on an ontology for space?
  3. Does time have a nature?
  4. Is time a domain?
  5. Can time ever be considered an entity? Other than the fact that a concept can be considered an entity.
  6. Can time be detected other than due to motion of objects or emission of energy?
  7. Is time in constant movement?
  8. Can time ever be frozen temporarily or permanently?
  9. Can time itself actually be observed?
  10. Can time itself actually have a rate?
  11. Can time itself cause anything?
  12. Can anything cause time itself?
  13. Whether or not spatial objects can travel in time, can time itself travel?
  14. Does time have only quantity but not quality?
  15. Is there a quantum of time?
  16. Is there a theoretical time distinct from observable time?
  17. Can time be discontinuous?
  18. Does time branch?
  19. Are there parallel timelines?
  20. If there are parallel universes, is time parallel or independent in each universe?

-- Jack Krupansky


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