Tuesday, January 26, 2010

The Perl RDF project

I just stumbled across The Perl RDF project. As the web site says:

The Perl RDF project hopes to address these issues:

  1. Publish an official API for storage, parsing and serializing modules.
  2. Produce a set of base classes for representing common RDF objects such as statements and nodes (resources, literals, blank nodes).
  3. Produce patches to existing RDF tools to support these APIs, subclassing where appropriate.
  4. Produce a test suite for storage, parsing, serializing, statement and node classes.

That includes SPARQL support, a triple store, a web crawler for RDF resources, and parsing of RDFa.

And, there is a mailing list: perlrdf mailing-list.

Sounds like an effort to keep an eye on. No matter what your preferred heavyweight RDF Semantic Web toolset is, lightweight Perl hacking is clearly a useful adjunct.

-- Jack Krupansky



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