Thursday, September 3, 2009

Representing events, time, space, objects, and persons

Modeling of events in terms of objects, time, and space is an important aspect of representing knowledge. Event-Model-F is a formal model of events developed by Dr. Ansgar Scherp, et al and based on the foundational ontology DOLCE+DnS Ultralight (DUL) which provides comprehensive support for representing time, space, objects, and persons, as well as mereological, causal, and correlative relationships between events  and enables interoperability in distributed event-based systems. As the Event-Model-F web page states,

In addition, the Event-Model-F provides a flexible means for event composition, modeling event causality and event correlation, and representing different interpretations of the same event. The Event-Model-F is developed following the pattern-oriented approach of DUL, is modularized in different ontologies, and can be easily extended by domain specific ontologies.

"Mereological" simply refers to part-to-whole and part-to-part relationships for decomposing or composing a complex object or system.

-- Jack Krupansky